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What is PC-to-PC calling?
PC-to-PC calling is when you place a call from your S-unno user on a PC. S-unno for PC transmits calls via the Internet using your dialup or broadband Internet connection and not over traditional phone lines – allowing users to enjoy free and unlimited calls with crystal clear digital clarity.

What is PC-to-Phone calling?
PC-to-Phone calling means calling any fixed or mobile line from your PC. When you use S-unno for PC for making PC-to-phone calls, you enjoy free phone calls to 8 global destinations. All other destinations are available for only a fraction of what traditional service providers charge..

Do I pay to download the S-unno for PC dialer/client?
No, it is Free to download. Sign-up is free too.

Are there any charges at all?
There are absolutely no charges, contracts or hardware required for PC-to-PC calling using S-unno for PC. For PC-to-Phone calls to select destinations, charges may apply.

What operating systems are supported?
PC: S-unno supports Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
Mobile: S-unno supports Android, Symbian, Apple and Windows Mobile

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